Star Wars Resource Pack 1.7.5

Star Wars Resource Pack gives some serious updates to the look and feel of the game, without making major changes to the underlying mechanics which make Minecraft what it is. Many of the visual aspects of the standard Minecraft game get updates with this resource pack, right down to the moon overhead, which has been replaced with a Death Star that looms menacingly above the player when the sun goes down. A notable change occurs in the music discs as well, which have all been changed from records into holocrons, or cubic items with unique color and design patterns.

That’s great news for people who love listening to music by C418 but also hate how all the records, except for the one titled 13, tend to look exactly the same. Many other features in standard Minecraft are changed too, like the blur which occurs when placing a pumpkin on the player’s head: now that looks like the inside of a clone trooper helmet, rather than the inside of a pumpkin. All swords are replaced with different colored lightsabers and, last but not at all least, the bow and arrows have been replaced with a blaster and lasers, with real pew-pew sound effects replacing the classic twang of arrows being fired.


star-wars-resource-pack-for-minecraft-1 star-wars-resource-pack-for-minecraft-2 star-wars-resource-pack-for-minecraft-3 star-wars-resource-pack-for-minecraft-4 star-wars-resource-pack-for-minecraft-5 star-wars-resource-pack-for-minecraft-6 star-wars-resource-pack-for-minecraft-8 star-wars-resource-pack-for-minecraft-9 star-wars-resource-pack-for-minecraft-10 star-wars-resource-pack-for-minecraft-11 star-wars-resource-pack-for-minecraft-12

How to install Star Wars?

  • Download the latest pack from the download section.
  • Find in "%appdata%", ".minecraft" folder.
  • Locate in ".minecraft" your "resourcepacks" folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Open Minecraft and go to Options -> Resource Packs...
  • Select in this list Resource Pack that you have installed.