Soartex Fanver Resource Pack 1.7.9

Some Minecraft resource packs do a lot to make enemies look different from their standard appearances, but very little to change the look of the world around the player. Others manage to do the exact opposite, modifying everything from dirt to grass to trees to the seas, while leaving enemies and NPCs looking more or less like they do in normal Minecraft. The Soartex Fanver resource pack is one of the rare Minecraft resource packs which manages to both make monsters and NPCs look different, while also changing the appearance of the world around the player. It’s a real update to the regular look of Minecraft, and exactly what a resource pack should be.

One good example of environmental changes with the Soartex Fanver 1.7.9 resource pack is the enchanting table and surrounding bookshelves. They all look considerably different, going from a kind of cartoony, bright and colorful look to something deeper, darker and classier. Though wood blocks don’t look too different, the planks they break down into have a real facelift in this resource pack. For those who enjoy trips to the Nether, the mobs and textures for netherrack, nether bricks, lava and just about everything else get updated in Soartex. It’s like a whole new look at a place which still isn’t that old yet.

While the blocky look in Minecraft is part of the game’s underlying appeal, it’s nice when a texture pack like the Soartex Fanver resource pack comes along to dress up the standard look of the game. Soartex was very recently updated to 1.7.4, which means it’s ready and working with the newest version of Minecraft on the PC. This is a problem with some resource packs, which may stop working if they aren’t updated to match the most recent version of the game. This one is definitely worth a look for the seasoned Minecraft player seeking a new way to see their favorite game.


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How to install Soartex Fanver?

  • Download the latest pack from the download section.
  • Find in "%appdata%", ".minecraft" folder.
  • Locate in ".minecraft" your "resourcepacks" folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Open Minecraft and go to Options -> Resource Packs...
  • Select in this list Resource Pack that you have installed.

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