Doom Craft Resource Pack 1.7.5

Doom Craft Resource Pack is right now open for Minecraft 1.7.5. Additionally without question it goes with a 32×32 determination, this asset pack that will require the MCPatcher HD and likely a machine that won’t slack and hammer. In the meantime divided from that, wouldn’t it be incredible provided that we could move onto how it looks. That being said, in any case, it is not a complete redesign of everything. It offers: the scene, hud, 8-legged creature, vivified bow, excited Thor’s Hammer, and energized soulsand! The extent that shading, it goes with vivid layout strokes and colors which give out a cartoonish feel, however in HD. Additionally the cool fine abstractions that Emperor Doom (innovator) has done. Therefore, as astounding as it may be, it presupposes something else that will fit well with it. The thing I like for the most part from the Doomcraft asset pack is the exact ordered craftsmanship on the swarms which I’m pretty sure you will appreciate it.


Doom-Craft-Resource-Pack Doom-Craft-Resource-Pack-2 Doom-Craft-Resource-Pack-3 Doom-Craft-Resource-Pack-4 Doom-Craft-Resource-Pack-5 Doom-Craft-Resource-Pack-6 Doom-Craft-Resource-Pack-7


How to install Doom Craft?

  • Download the latest pack from the download section.
  • Find in "%appdata%", ".minecraft" folder.
  • Locate in ".minecraft" your "resourcepacks" folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Open Minecraft and go to Options -> Resource Packs...
  • Select in this list Resource Pack that you have installed.