Bordercraft 5 Resource Pack 1.7.5

The Bordercraft 5 resource pack is a pretty amazing pack, all things considered. Not only does it give much needed updates to the blocky sun and moon textures, but it also improves the look of the sky during both the day and night. This is partially because of some shaders which are included with the pack; shaders which allow for more detailed shadows and different levels of darkness. It’s also the only resource pack currently in existence which is based on the world of Borderlands, a popular series of first person shooters. As for the most drastic improvement? That’s probably the snow particle effects.

While it’s clear when snow is falling in the standard Minecraft game, it’s not really believable snow. It’s blocky, just like everything else in the game, except snow isn’t cubic. Some minor facelifts for water and lave textures do make them look different from normal, but they’re nothing to write home about. Some textures, like chests, look significantly different from their standard appearance. Overall, the Bordercraft 5 resource pack does a great job of changing the look of the game and making Minecraft seem like it’s happening in another kind of world. If that’s not a measure of success for Minecraft resource packs, what is?


bordercraft-5-resource-pack-1 bordercraft-5-resource-pack-2 bordercraft-5-resource-pack-3 bordercraft-5-resource-pack-4 bordercraft-5-resource-pack-5 bordercraft-5-resource-pack-6


How to install Bordercraft 5?

  • Download the latest pack from the download section.
  • Find in "%appdata%", ".minecraft" folder.
  • Locate in ".minecraft" your "resourcepacks" folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Open Minecraft and go to Options -> Resource Packs...
  • Select in this list Resource Pack that you have installed.

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